Who am I?

Hey Doublesalt here, I am an amateur league player that’s played the game we all love ever since season 2 (wow that’s a long time ago). I started playing in high-school and am now out an about in the real world an thought lets write about it and the climb that is our beloved ranked system.

I’ll be honest I started out as any other bronze player and although I have played since season 2, I’ve never really bothered with ranked much and as such have only made it so far to Gold 1. Now I know that’s not a huge feat to most people but for some that are stuck in Bronze it may seem like an enormous challenge. Hopefully with a little bit of help from the world wide web, a bit of practice and a lot of trolls together, we can continue the climb and all reach gold and hopefully beyond in the seasons to come.

My aims for each season are to keep improving and progressing ideally a rank per season so for 2018 Platinum, 2019 Diamond, and beyond that, hold Diamond or higher. This wont be easy though, I’m still learning as we all are and still get matched with trolls regardless but together we will get there.

Outside of league I am a young married man. I got married in March of 2017 to the love of my life who I surprisingly met at Big W of all places. I studied a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at QUT and have since been working as a Graduate Engineer albeit in a non-mechanical field (we’re working on fixing that one). I have a love for cars, of which I own a Toyota 86 GTS that I am slowly modifying when I can save funds for it, and a Volkswagen Golf GTI (the Mrs car). I try to be handy, love to cook and make delicious food and be a good husband of which I hopefully am good at.

I didn’t start from much, but hopefully like this blog, if you stick around for the journey you will be pleasantly surprised about what the future has in store.



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