What about me?

It’s about time I did a bit more of a post about my life to tell you all about who I am outside of the game. So I am a young married engineer. I am 22 and married to my lovely wife who for any of you reading this are in a marriage can sympathize drives me nuts at least 30% of the time. I own 2 cars of which I loveĀ  and one will feature here. And work in a job I don’t particularly enjoy simply because it’s not my field.

Study and work:

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first I am a recent graduate engineer, where I studied Mechanical Engineering. During my final year I was able to secure an undergrad role with a company that I had previously helped out for in the environmental engineering sector (for privacy reasons I won’t be mentioning their name). Now I’ll be honest my role is basically a glorified admin associate and I don’t get to do all that much engineering what so ever and it drives me nuts. As such I’m in the process of looking for something more mechanical orientated, of which I have been applying for near on 8 months now with no success. I still live by the premise that I won’t stand a chance if I don’t apply.

My wife and Marriage:

I met my now wife back during uni whilst I was working part-time for Big W. We both started the same time and had previous partners then which we both split from. We were always friends however, and would talk and joke at work all the time. As we recovered from our previous relationships we grew closer until one day I decided to give it a crack. I made a cheesey joke the day before valentines day about her being flooded with valentines. Somehow it took off and the following day I walked in and she gave me these $2 on special malteser bunnies (I’ll be honest I think they were old and weren’t great but I ate them and thanked her all the same). In return I went and bought her a full box of roses chocolates.

This is where it gets funny, she felt so bad that I had spent more on her that she offered to go out with me bowling and to pay to make up for the fact I spent more. Now I’m a reasonably traditional man and it would have been a cardinal sin for me to let her pay for it all, so when we were paying for bowling she had received a phone call and I quickly snuck in and paid for both of our tickets (she didn’t exactly approve but was happy and enjoyed it nonetheless).

Skip forward a few years and we got engaged where I had planned out and entire day that went nothing to plan. Had planned to go for a nice bush walk (she likes adventures), turned out to be a 8km walk in the rain instead of the 3km walk it showed in the pictures. Planned to go to the beach and propose with her best friend taking photos of the proposal, her best friend didn’t bring a camera and when I got on one knee I nearly got smashed by a wave.

Regardless somehow she said yes and we got married a year later. The wedding was perfect and despite me being concerned that nothing was organised the week before everything went off without a hitch and the day was amazing. We have now been married for a year and are still working out all the kinks of living together but we love every minute we are together even when we are fighting over who has to do the washing up (PS I cook so I think it should be her that washes up :P).


Now I’m a car fanatic, I love my cars big, small, fast and anywhere in between. I’m still trying to find the exact car I love and want to keep for a long time but I know I’m heading in the right direction. My first car was a 98 nissan pulsar, and it was a bomb. It was reliable, but a bomb. Then a bloke ran up the back of it and it got written off so I upgraded to a 2006 VW Golf GTI which I still have now (It is the wife’s car). Then after using that for a year the wife had an 2002 echo that was getting quite old so we gave it to get younger sister as a first car, the wife got the GTI and I got a 2012 Toyota 86. Now it is great, still has it’s flaws but I love it regardless.

The GTI was an auto and the 86 is a manual so I have my manual back that I love especially combined with that 7400 RPM redline the joy that comes from running through the gears just brings a smile to my face. Now I’ll be honest I hate the torque dip and actually miss the turbo of the GTI. For those that don’t know about the 86 it is a 2L flat 4 boxer engine and has a horrendous torque dip (where it feels as though the car is no longer pushing and has dropped all power) at around 3500-4500 RPM then it immediately comes back just after. Being a naturally aspirated engine traditionally their power delivery is very linear and far moreso than that of a turbo’d engine but this is something quite different.

For this fault however, it makes up for it in shear handling, cornering and balance. In my GTI I could manage basic roundabouts are 40-50 if I was pushing it on good tyres. In this it is a comfortable 50 on basic tyres. The way the you can throw the car into a corner and know exactly what it will do and when it will step out is something to behold and something I admire greatly. As for future cars, I’m not sure. No doubt the wife will have convinced me to have a baby by then (she is still working quite hard at that) and we will need to go a little more practical. We do have the GTI for 4 doors and space but it is starting to age as well and will need to be upgraded soon. As to whether we get another Golf or what I’m not sure but for my car I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Tesla model 3, VW Golf R, Kia Stinger (I’m still surprised I have said that), and HSV Camaro that is coming to AUS in the second half of the year.

For now though I will be enjoying the 86, smashing winding back roads, cherishing mountain climbs, and hating that shiny black colour that is so perfect when it’s clean and such a nightmare when it’s dirty.


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