Week 4 – It’s a golden day on the rift

That’s right you read that correct, it’s taken all of 2 weeks and I’m now into gold. Yes lets be serious it isn’t much of an achievement considering I was there last season but regardless it’s still a step in the right direction.

Last week I finished my climb out of silver into gold with a 3-2 promotions. My last 20 games haven’t been half bad either going 9W-5L in solo and 14W-6L overall. So it has been a successful week so far. It hasn’t been all peaches and rainbows though, there have been plenty of ups and down in the games regardless. What’s my secret to help my climb, stick to what you know.

Riot has been handing out nerfs left, right and center (it’s a shame they still haven’t properly nerfed Zoe or nerfed Yasuo into non-existence but that’s a rant for another day) so it’s understandable the meta changes and shifts with each patch. What doesn’t change however, is your understanding of the champs you play. A perfect example is my duo partner Aphrop00.

He is a Morgana main through and through, whether Morgana is trash tier and the lowest of the low or god tier and unstoppable. Whether it is raining outside or his undies are on inside out he will play Morgana unless he needs a break. It is his go-to champ and with good reason. It is season 8 he has played 27 games on Morgana and has a 74% win rate (20W-7L) with an average KDA of 4.93 (3.7/4.0/16.2) which he is dirty about since it is under 5. He just knows how to play Morgana what can I say. Yes he plays other supports really well, Braum, Thresh, Nautilis, Taric, he can play them all but without a doubt he shines on Morgana.

He will hit binds that I cant even understand, it’s as though no-matter where he throws it he will hit someone. He knows when to engage, knows exactly how much damage he will deal in a trade and knows exactly who he needs to bind and when, to ensure kills are secured in 2v3’s and they are turned around in our favor. He is one of my best mates in real life and hands down we will both make plat this season if we keep on the grind, and what champ will he get there with… Morgana.

It all comes down to the ages old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Morgana for 3 seasons has not been a top pick yet he has comfortably carried both of us when we duo’d to gold. Even when we were in high gold together and against plats we were dominating the bot lane, simply put because he knew his champ. The same applies to you and me. Mine is always the same few ADC’s, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Vayne, Sivir and Kalista. Now I will happily admit I am no where near as good on these ADC as I would be if I just played one but I have a few because with ADC the responsibilities flex depending on meta greatly (e.g. is it a caster meta where Ezreal thrives or a late game meta where Vayne will dominate).

This applies more for those especially stuck in low elo. If you feel you are hard stuck in Bronze consider just picking your favorite champ, or even just one you feel you play really well and stick to them. No you don’t have to play them every single game but you should play them the majority of games. If it’s your favorite champ then bonus, if not and it’s just someone you like but play well then play them majority and mix it up a few times. My favorite champ without a doubt would be Kalista but for a while there she was in a really bad spot, so I mixed it up with Caitlyn who I play very well and still like but isn’t my favorite (I am loving Caitlyn more and more and she is getting close to my favorite, I just don’t like how if your behind on Caitlyn you’re never coming back to relevant until about 60 minutes in the game, again for another day).

Look at some of the really high elo players, there are singed mains, yasuo mains, annie mains and more. The reason why it’s easier to climb with one champ that it is with several is because you don’t need to learn as much about the champ and can focus on the learning the game. Everyone will say “I already know the game, I don’t need to learn it I just get bad team mates” and to that I say your mentality is in the wrong place. There is always more to learn, whether you have been playing since season one, or just picked the game up yesterday we all learn new things each game whether we realise it or not. By trying to only play one or 2 main champs it limits how much you need to learn as you already know the mechanics of the champion and roughly what they can and can’t do meaning you can focus more on learning and playing the remaining parts of the game.

Thomas Bertram – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the trouble with government: fixing things that aren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken”



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