Week 3 – It’s a tough battle

Week 3 held the quick jump into silver 1 from silver 2 in solo q and the up and down ride it is to get into gold 5. So far I’ve been sitting on the seesaw that is silver 1. We are all aware of the people I’m talking about. The ones that think they are challenger, talk more in chat than a bronze, yet have the mechanics and logic of a fresh level 10.

Silver 1 is always an up and down ride, it’s all a matter of timing. The trick to Silver 1 is whether you can string together enough games to get out and not be caught by the trolls. This is something that is incredibly more evident at the start of the season where people are still being placed. How do you manage to escape this or minimise this struggle you ask? Queue sniping.

Hear me out this isn’t like what the pros complain about this is more about trying to snag the same team. If you have a win and your team plays really well and the opposing team flames you obviously want the same team ideally and you likely wont get the same team but you can try. 9/10 people in that game will queue up again but most of the time the team flaming will spend the end of game lobby yelling and typing this is where you must strike. Yes we all like looking at our stats where we go 13/2/4 but that means nothing if the very next game you get stuck with the opposing team who are all salty from the last game.

Pay attention to who leaves lobby and when they leave, if you team are immediately leaving consider leaving and queuing up as well so you can potentially snipe them in your game and secure more wins. Now this won’t work with everyone but the point isn’t to get the exact same team, the point is to get as many as you can of your team back together.

But what happens if your strike out and your on the team that was flaming and not happy. Now this is where you need to be smart about how you queue up, if everyone is raging on your team and the opposing team have left and joined queue should you immediately join up and try to snipe the opposing players. Or you could wait till everyone on your team leaves queue, then wait another 5 mins and then join queue. Now why not try to snipe the opposing team as mentioned before you will be asking.

The problem here is that is far harder than it may seem due to the ranking system. As you just lost, you lost lp and they won lp so they are now ranked higher in the mmr system. This means they will be queued higher than you will be and you are more likely to be queued with the people you just lost with as they would have all lost mmr as well. If you take those extra 5 mins to let your previous team all pick up a game and then you should get a fresh new team. Otherwise have a good break to regain focus and then get back on the gains.



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