Week 2 – It’s time to flex

Week 1 we ticked off the Solo Q and week 2 was to do Flex. In the first week we placed in Silver 2 and Flex we have placed in Silver 1.

Now I’ve played with this same group of mates for the last 4 years ever since the end of season 3. They ren’t great I’ll be honest but we work together well and tend to have a strong laning phase, its beyond there that things start to crack.

Traditionally we all have a very strong laning phase and pre-25mins. Mechanically we are strong and rotate well to get the early turrets. Typically we will even manage to snag a few kills or dragons on our way to that 25 minute mark. The struggle comes with pushing down inhib turrets and closing a game out.

Early game – Rotations are your best friend. Whether you win or lose the early game rotations and early grouping is your strongest weapon. You can have 3 kills, an item and cs lead but if you keep getting camped or 4 manned that lead will disappear. If you make the early moves and make a quick roam on mid or bot lane with your jungler. Maybe take a sneaky dragon when they base and give up the few cs. At the end of the day it’s a team game and it is about getting the team ahead.

Mid to Late game – Here team fights rule and it’s all about grouping. If you aren’t with your team you aren’t in the right position. Yes there are split pushers and they aren’t meant to group all the time but think of it this way fiora will split push and you run 5 people mid. Are 5 people likely to outpush a fiora… definitely and I have tested this in multiple games.

Everyone wants to be that hero and win the game on their own but it doesn’t work that often you are much better off grouping and pushing as a team or flanking and then engaging on them. Best case scenario you clean the 4 and the split pusher has to defend 5 if he bases otherwise you end the game if he stays splitting. Splitpushing has it’s moments don’t get me wrong but in the current meta team fighting and grouping is far more impactful.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs



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