Week 1 – Let the Games Begin!!

It’s game time!!! The siren has sounded, the PC is on, Client open, Champion locked in, welcome to season 8. This week on Tuesday the 16th of January, season 8 has officially kicked off and the climb has begun.

This week is where it all begins. The excitement levels are on overload, we have all just bought our new rigs or gaming gear to make sure we have everything we (think) need to succeed this year and crack that goal. But there is a long road ahead and this is just where it starts.

I just completed my placements today and got officially placed into Silver 2. My placements went about as expected, the first 3 games were losses with trolls then, I took a break and won the next 7. I’ll be honest I am really happy with Silver 2 after finishing the preseason at Gold 4. Now don’t get me wrong for any moment I had to work for those 7 wins. 2 of them were free wins but the remaining 5 I had to put my carry pants on.

Bottom line we have a start, now it’s all about where we go from here. How did your placements go? Did you win and get what you wanted, or have a flop and are starting from the bottom? No-matter where you finished up its just the beginning and if we work hard together we will all hit out mark and get what we want.


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