LoL isn’t that laughing out loud?

LoL stands for more than laughing out loud, it also stands for League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is incredibly popular and leading esports into the spotlight, but what exactly is it? To give some context for my future posts this will be my rundown of what LoL or League of Legends is.

League of Legends is a game that was developed and published by Riot Games in the United States. Riot Games have been around since 2006 and are based in West Los Angeles, California but have offices all over the world in many different countries. In 2009 Riot released for North America and Europe League of Legends a game that would soon become a smash hit. The initial take off was slow, not many people understood or had heard of the game and at that point most people we playing DOTA an alternative to LoL. It soon tookoff however, and by November 2011 there was a total of approximately 32.5 million players registered, many of which play monthly and even daily and that number continues to grow.

With so many years having gone past since the initial release there has been many changes to the game which I won’t attempt to cover in one post (we would be here for a very long time). The basics of the game are pretty simple, each team consists of 5 players who each play a role in the game (Top laner, Jungler, Mid Laner, Bot Laner and Support). Each of these roles must work together to push through towers, inhibitors and a nexus to win the game. To explain this a little more the game must be broken down into an Early game, Mid game and Late game.

Early Game:

The early game usually consists or roughly the first 10-15 minutes of the game. In the early game, each player (excluding the Jungler who controls their respective side of the maps jungle) is assigned to a lane where the primary goal is to collect gold by killing minions that automatically walk down the lane every 30 seconds. The opposing team will do the same and if the right moment presents itself then players will attempt to trade (deal small amounts of damage) or kill the opponents. During the early game the Jungler will also try to make advantages happen for their team by ganking (running into a lane to outnumber the opponents and try to kill them to create a larger advantage.

Mid Game:

This is where the team aspect starts to kick in as players begin to group up and take objectives (dragons, towers or other neutral monsters) to develop advantages over the other team. Most of this involves pushing, warding (dropping tokens on the map that grant vision) and team fighting in order to overwhelm the opponents and push your lead.

Late Game:

During the late stages of the game this is all about positioning, vision and objectives. The team needs to be quite coordinated in their efforts during the late game to achieve victory. The main objective in the late game is to win a team fight or catch a single opponent out to give your team a numbers advantage. This can then lead you into taking a strong neutral objective (Baron or Elder Dragon) or allowing you to push down a lane, securing inhibs or closing out the game and destroying the nexus.

I’ll be honest this all probably sounds reasonably simple, collect gold, destroy objectives, push and win the game pretty simple. Where it gets complicated is when you add in that of the millions of players playing at any one time there are over 120 champions in the game that any of the players can choose to use. Each champion possesses a unique skill-set of 4 abilities and there are many, many items that each player can build to improve their strength in the game. The sheer amount of combinations and possibility alone, means every single game will be incredibly different. Being that it is an online team game many keyboard warriors and emotions come out during games which adds another dimension to the game.

Well that’s a pretty basic run down on how the game works, next we will look into the current preseason changes and progress from there. If you guys want me to do a rundown on something more specific in the game to help you understand the basics, I’m more than happy to just comment. Leave other comments and thoughts for me to help improve and a like if you enjoyed the first content post.

“The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity” – Douglas Horton



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